For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Why can’t I check in before 4pm?
A: Because, since there’s only one of me, between 10am and 4pm is when I have time to flip rooms, clean the house, get groceries, do laundry, and maybe go to the dentist, doctor, vet, etc.

Q: Can we bring our pet?
A: If your pet is a dog, you can bring him/her along.  We do have an extra charge of $20/pet/night and we do have pet rules.  We only allow one dog per night and in one specific room.  The pet rules are mostly common sense, but they can be seen here: Dogs Rule

Q: How long have you been doing this?
A: We’ve been doing this since 1993!

Q: Why is it called Peaches?
A: It’s called Peaches because the sign in the foyer belonged to my grandfather when he was selling roadside peaches at his peach orchard in South Haven.  No, the house never belonged to him or any of my other family.

Q: HOW much is the tax?
A: The taxes are 6% state sales tax and 5% county lodging tax.

Q: What’s for breakfast?
A: There are always 2 kinds of juice, coffee, signature peach baskets.  We serve full breakfast, which means it includes a hot entree.  The hot entree alternates days between sweet and savory.  It is often something that goes in the oven, which means it’s casserole-ish; it also means that it’s generally prepared the night before.

Q: Why don’t you know specifically what’s for breakfast when I call?
A: Our hot entree rotates depending on how many guests, what time breakfast is, and whether everyone is having it at the same time.  It also depends on who has already had what, since it usually takes a stay of 10 or more nights before we’ll repeat an entree.

Q: Why can’t you guarantee a specific room?
A: There are lots of reasons, but they may include:

  • the previous guests broke something, like a faucet or light
  • guests are bringing a dog, which is only allowed in one guest room
  • the previous guests decided to stay an extra night & requiring them to move is kind of silly
  • a room needs extra attention or is down for repair or refurbishing

Q: What if I’m allergic to dogs?
A: We do have Dalmatians, who have hair instead of fur, so people are rarely allergic to them.  They are never allowed in guest rooms.  In addition, we try to keep the facility squeaky clean.

Q: Do you have air conditioning?
A: We do have air conditioning!  It’s central air, but it’s unusual because it’s “gravity feed”, which means that the unit & main vents are on the 3rd floor and it vents into the 2nd floor (bedroom floor).  Because of Chester’s awesome design, it can filter down to the first floor.  It’s never as cool on the main floor, but it sure beats outside!