Reception, with or without ceremony—$5450

  • Includes five (5) guest rooms for two (2) nights around the event (e.g.- Friday & Saturday)
  • Most caterers allowed
  • Musicians allowed
  • Indoor buffet reception for up to 150 guests
  • Outdoor reception for up to 250 guests
  • Indoor seated reception for up to 60 guests

Wedding PictureIntimate receptions—$1650 (30 guests or less) & $2200 (31-60 guests)

  • May include ceremony
  • Includes one (1) guest room
  • Buffet only
  • No alcohol allowed
  • No musicians allowed (CD equipment permitted)
  • Maximum time limit of 12 hours including set-up & clean up; ending no later than midnight. Additional time billed at $100/hour or any portion thereof.

Wedding ceremony only, no reception—$800

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • 3 hour maximum
  • No food or alcohol allowed

Bouquet of flowers

Reception/ceremony guidelines:

  • No red wine, red punch, red pasta sauce
  • No keg beer
  • No “Red Bull”- type beverages
  • No spike heels (diameter, not height)
  • No smoking indoors