1. Your humans must take you with them during the day; otherwise, please remind them to put you in your crate.
  2. Your humans need to remember to clean up after you.
  3. Perhaps you are allowed up on the furniture or bed at home, but not here.
  4. If you bark excessively or bite, you will be asked to leave.
  5. We’ll be charging your humans $20 per day for you.
  6. Just so other guests aren’t afraid of you, you’ll need to be on your leash in the house.
  7. I’m afraid we don’t allow furred guests (or furred residents, for that matter) into the dining room during breakfast either.
  8. If you need a towel for your paws or whatever, we have lots of dog towels…please don’t use the good people towels.
  9. Do you have a valid license and rabies certificate?
  10. Your humans are responsible for any damage you cause, including sleeping on the furniture, so be good!


Your house-mates are Delta (the blacker, older, ballerina-like, sweeter one) and Dervish (the bigger, whiter, gymnast-like, whirling one).  They love to play.